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If you asked most real estate agents if now is a good time to sell their answer would most likely be YES (regardless of which month you ask them).  Here at Mike Voyle Team we like to offer great advice that is evidence based and our advice is simply DON’T LIST DURING DECEMBER.   Here’s why:

  1. Statistics produced by realestate.co.nz demonstrate that December has the least number of online buyer viewings.
  2. Buyers and real estate agents take a holiday during Dec/early Jan and simply aren’t interested in real estate until they get back in 13 Jan.
  3. Extended time on the market is a price killer for sellers.  Should you list during December and not sell prior to Christmas your property will sit on the market for a month when there is NO BUYER ACTIVITY.  Buyers look at the length of time a property sits on the market and will discount the price of their offer because of it.

So there’s 3 great reasons NOT to list now.  That said, you will need a plan to hit the market in the new year so I encourage you to contact us now.   Lets come up with a plan to get you listed in mid Jan as the hot new listing for the new buyers relocating to Kapiti in the new year. 


Seasonality Graph

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Stuff released a short article about the 6 mistakes to avoid when selling: Dirty dishes

  1. Neglecting maintenance
  2. Leaving your stuff all over the place
  3. Over customising your home
  4. Painting in unique colours
  5. Forgetting about first impressions
  6. Not doing a deep clean

Anyone reading the list will realise that this information is blatantly obvious, but the sad reality is that too many home-sellers aren’t properly advised to do the hard yards before they sell.  You only need to click through a few online listings to find dirty, cluttered, and poorly maintained houses being presented for sale.  Of course spotting these mistakes after the fact is easy – but creating a clear plan to take your property to the market in tip top condition without spending a fortune (or a lifetime) is more difficult – especially if you don’t do it every day.

This is where the skill of your agent comes into play.  And frankly, it’s when you will get the best value from your agents fee.   We often begin working with our sellers months before they are marked for sale and ensure they hit the market in top form.   Our service includes free professional home styling advice and help in prioritising what home maintenance projects will get you the best return.  Please check out our online listings to see how well our properties are presented for sale – click here for our listings , and if you are coming to the market in the next 3 to 6 months and would like to meet for a chat please give us a call.  We would love to help.

To read the full stuff article click here.

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The Unconditional Blog (realestate.co.nz), reported this month that there is the fewest homes for sale nationwide in at least eight years  Click this link to read their full blog article, their info-graphic below gives a snapshot of the listings inventories nationwide for September 2015. The inventory levels reflect the projected number of weeks to clear existing inventory of unsold homes on the market matched to the long term average for the region.
Infographic newsletter 14OCT15So, how do buyers succeed in a sellers market? Here is our advice…

With so few house for sale its essential buyers are know property values. Imagine finding the perfect house only to be scuppered by not having the confidence to go forward.  If you’ve heard yourself say “we love the house but haven’t seen enough houses to make a decision” you simply need a report showing what type of houses sold  in the last three months to be able to determine what will sell in the next 3 months.

Visit the property as soon as you.  This way you can action a plan to tick as many boxes as possible and be a cash buyer when the offers get presented.  Cash is king whatever market you are in.

Most buyers already own a home and would need to sell it to buy another.  Creating a strategy that will enable you to sidestep this frustrating chicken and the egg problem will help alot.  In these circumstances its worth getting a rental appraisal for your own home (and or the property you are thinking buying), and chatting to your bank or finance broker.  
Basically its about removing as many hurdles as possible.  If you want to be successful in a sellers market you need a plan to succeed. We are happy to help buyers with sales info for any house we show you.  but remember, we can only assist you with properties we introduce you to. 
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We are always curious about our market here in Kapiti, so yesterday we caught up with the Trade Me property analytics team who gave us some fantastic insights into buyer demographics for people searching out homes in Kapiti.  Here’s the info:

Trade Me 1

Trade me 2

Trade me 3

Trade me 4

Trade me 5

Trade me 6
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Our good friends at Breeze Property Management have kindly provided some before/after pics that significantly increased the yield and rent-ability of some investment property they manage.   In these examples Breeze project managed the refurbishments and with one property completed the project within 3 weeks of the property settlement.  These are real life examples so if you are considering buying or improving an investment property its worth checking out these photos and facts.


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Ask an assembled group of property owners when is the best time of year to buy or sell property. You are likely to get the answer that summer is the best time. However for whilst toy manufacturers and retailers know that over 50% of their business occurs in the last 2 months of the year, real estate agents are actually pretty busy selling property year round.  (more…)

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Working the room

A picture says a thousand words and we should always remember this when selling. When you look at the beautiful photos in magazines like House & Garden we see delicious images of kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms that catch our attention.  We see surfaces, textures and colors.  We are drawn to some more than others and fold the corner of a page we like for our ‘one day’ house.

If you’re selling a property soon then it would pay to take a leaf out of one of these beautiful magazines and work your room to boost buyer appeal.  The clever thing about this is that your efforts pay off well before your buyer steps inside your front door.

More than ever before, images are the savvy marketer’s weapon of choice.  Consider the tremendously rapid growth of networking websites like Facebook and Flickr.   These sites would not exist if we couldn’t upload images to share.

Today we can create stunning high quality images of our homes for a very minor investment.  Buyers see images on real estate websites, magazines, newspapers and signs, in fact wherever you see a property advertised for sale, there is an image of the property as well.

So this is where the marketing magic starts because a great image of your property is pure gold.  A poor image will cost you money in less buyer interest.   Because your home is competing with every other property for sale in your area and price range, buyers will make a viewing decision based largely, on the image they‘re looking at.  They will be asking themselves one question:  “Do I see myself in this picture?”   There answer will determine your success.

I work with a home styling specialist and provide this service as complimentary to my clients, and have several local photographers who provide a range of options to ensure that you sell for more by creating the best images of your property.  Call us today to see how we can help you!

Best Wishes,
Mike Voyle Team

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