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We are always curious about our market here in Kapiti, so yesterday we caught up with the Trade Me property analytics team who gave us some fantastic insights into buyer demographics for people searching out homes in Kapiti.  Here’s the info:

Trade Me 1

Trade me 2

Trade me 3

Trade me 4

Trade me 5

Trade me 6
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Our good friends at Breeze Property Management have kindly provided some before/after pics that significantly increased the yield and rent-ability of some investment property they manage.   In these examples Breeze project managed the refurbishments and with one property completed the project within 3 weeks of the property settlement.  These are real life examples so if you are considering buying or improving an investment property its worth checking out these photos and facts.


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Ask an assembled group of property owners when is the best time of year to buy or sell property. You are likely to get the answer that summer is the best time. However for whilst toy manufacturers and retailers know that over 50% of their business occurs in the last 2 months of the year, real estate agents are actually pretty busy selling property year round.  (more…)

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Working the room

A picture says a thousand words and we should always remember this when selling. When you look at the beautiful photos in magazines like House & Garden we see delicious images of kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms that catch our attention.  We see surfaces, textures and colors.  We are drawn to some more than others and fold the corner of a page we like for our ‘one day’ house.

If you’re selling a property soon then it would pay to take a leaf out of one of these beautiful magazines and work your room to boost buyer appeal.  The clever thing about this is that your efforts pay off well before your buyer steps inside your front door.

More than ever before, images are the savvy marketer’s weapon of choice.  Consider the tremendously rapid growth of networking websites like Facebook and Flickr.   These sites would not exist if we couldn’t upload images to share.

Today we can create stunning high quality images of our homes for a very minor investment.  Buyers see images on real estate websites, magazines, newspapers and signs, in fact wherever you see a property advertised for sale, there is an image of the property as well.

So this is where the marketing magic starts because a great image of your property is pure gold.  A poor image will cost you money in less buyer interest.   Because your home is competing with every other property for sale in your area and price range, buyers will make a viewing decision based largely, on the image they‘re looking at.  They will be asking themselves one question:  “Do I see myself in this picture?”   There answer will determine your success.

I work with a home styling specialist and provide this service as complimentary to my clients, and have several local photographers who provide a range of options to ensure that you sell for more by creating the best images of your property.  Call us today to see how we can help you!

Best Wishes,
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Yesterday our team met up with Karen Turner the Key Account Manager at Realestate.co.nz.  Karen had heaps of interesting info for us. Most interesting was that the majority of customers viewing realestate.co.nz are Female  (67 percent to be exact).  Google analytics provided the data – you can see all the stats below. This is handy information for people preparing to sell because knowing who the ideal buyer is, and attracting that buyer usually results in an ideal sale price for the seller.  Our team is well qualified in targeting the ideal buyer pool and giving pre-marketing advice so please give us a call if you are making a move in the next few months.  We would love to help.

Mike Voyle Team
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Gender Graphic


Age Graphic


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homestaging lounge

The evidence is in…. emotion drives sales.  In our 10 years selling real estate we have seen it time and time again – staged homes sell faster and for more.  They simply look better and attract more buyers and emotional interest.  We believe this so much we have invested in our own in-house home staging service.

Daniel Kahneman is widely regarded as the world’s most influential living psychologist. He teaches that we have two Brain Systems: EMOTIONAL BRAIN = 95%

So let’s apply Daniel’s research to real estate: If you are not creating a deep, EMOTIONAL connection with your buyers YOU’RE ONLY SELLING TO 5% OF YOUR BUYER’S BRAIN.

95% of our buying decisions are made unconsciously – based on FEELINGS, not LOGIC.

If you are using old-school marketing strategies, you are almost certainly LOSING out big time on sales.

Large developers have been ‘doing it’ for years. New Zealand’s leading agents have been ‘doing it’ for years. They have tapped into the power of emotive-selling – that is, selling a ‘lifestyle package’.

What is ‘a Lifestyle Package’?  It means presenting a property at its absolute best before it hits the market and SHOWING your buyers the lifestyle it offers…tapping into their big dreams and desires and having them fall in love with the property.

Using Emotive-Presentation is an essential marketing tool that enables you to sell your home in the FASTEST possible time, for the HIGHEST possible price, by engaging your buyers’ emotions.

It’s exactly like creating a 30 second TV commercial for a property.

Statistically, you have 30 seconds before a potential buyer decides if they are interested in your home or not. And here’s the thing – buyers love display homes. Perfect homes filled with beautiful furniture and luxurious accessories, they can just walk into and enjoy.

How do you know a house needs property styling?

The way you live in a home is NOT the way to present it for sale. You can particularly use a home stager if the house is:

  • Vacant (95% of people can’t visualise it if you don’t show it to them – so a vacant house confuses buyers as they don’t know where to put their furniture…or even if it will fit!)
  • Has a few empty rooms (rooms ALWAYS look smaller when empty)
  • Cluttered with a lifetime of possessions
  • Has oversized or dated furniture
  • Decorated in a very personal way that will be a turn-off for buyers
  • Has strong colours that will be a turn-off

You may have a home with some or all of the above factors, if so… we can help. Until the end of July or for the first 5 respondents we are offering free home staging to the value of $2000 (subject to availability).

We provide an in house service, if you would like to take up free home staging (value $2000) contact Mike today 0800 887 362. 



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Here’s 5 urgent sellers that need action and want to get moving right now!  If one of the houses looks interesting, lets make an appointment, an offer, and see what happens!  These sellers want to see offers now!  Call me today on 0800 88 73 62.

25b Parakai Street, Paraparaumu

When you can own this tidy 3 bedroom home & pay your own mortgage of just over $300 per week…  Low maintenance, 3/4 redecorated throughout including new bathroom & flooring, off street parking & in a handy central location.

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